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MGMA Insights: There’s an app for that – health IT experts sound off

“MGMA19 | The Annual Conference, Oct. 13-16 in New Orleans, will feature some of the industry’s top experts on artificial intelligence (A.I.), health IT policy, cybersecurity and more. They will sift through the noise around the buzziest of buzz words and show the real impact that emerging technologies and shifting regulations will have on your…

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How telehealth technology can boost revenue

by Jordan Rosenfeld, Medical Economics Digital changes in consumerism are spilling over into healthcare, and driving the way physicians communicate with their patients, says Kathy Ford, president and chief product officer at Rhinogram, a telehealth platform in Chattanooga, Tenn. “We are all now conditioned to a certain level of services, based on Amazon and Starbucks…

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Revenue Cycle and Patient Communication Dominates MGMA18 Exhibit Hall

Article By Colin Hung Two themes emerged from the exhibit floor of this year’s MGMA annual conference (1) Practices are spending money on improving Revenue Cycle Management – RCM and (2) Practice managers are looking for more comprehensive ways to communicate with patients. The exhibit hall of the 2018 MGMA Annual Conference (#MGMA18Annual) came to a…

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5 Healthcare Innovators to see at MGMA

Article published by privishealth | Sep 25, 2018 The MGMA annual conference is where pioneers in healthcare gather in one place to showcase their products, network, and educate themselves on the latest medical advancements. With 250 exhibitors and counting, it can be tough to know who’s a must-see. That’s why we’ve created a list of five innovators you shouldn’t let…

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What Any Healthcare Team Can Learn From Chick-fil-A

Any business looking to grow should constantly observe what makes other companies boom. Since the vast majority of online patient complaints center on service, it’s worthwhile to observe companies that excel in that category. Chick-fil-A, for example. What tips and tricks can healthcare teams glean from a restaurant chain? Let’s find out. Set yourself apart. As…

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Hackers Want Your Health Information

A look at the next big data breach that will affect you Healthcare is on the brink of major technological transformation. Every facet of the industry will benefit greatly from the convenience, transparency and intelligence that rapidly advancing technology offers. And these benefits will do more than simply save time and money. They will save lives.…

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How HIPAA-Compliance Can Drive Profits

You can profit from your own HIPAA-compliance. You just have to brag about it. HIPAA is complicated, nuanced, and demanding. Achieving full compliance is an ongoing challenge, and failing to comply can cost you millions in fines. But it turns out complying with all those rules and regulations can actually set your practice apart. It…

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What Healthcare Can Learn from a Moving Company

Whether they’re moving or receiving healthcare, people want to feel heard. Healthcare is an old profession. But picking up heavy things is even older. So what can one profession learn from the other? Bellhops is an app that brings handpicked college students to do the heavy lifting on moving day. They handle more than 500 customer…

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Five Questions for a Certified HIPAA Professional

Elizabeth is a certified HIPAA professional at Rhinogram. Elizabeth Anderson spends her time at Rhinogram helping healthcare professionals achieve compliance. This week we asked her about the patterns she sees emerging across the healthcare industry. Are you a texter or a talker? Oh, I am most definitely a texter. I typically don’t have time to stop…

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