Patient Engagement

Not texting in healthcare? Here’s why you should.

A unified and secure communications platform can help providers stay compliant while enabling patients to exchange medical information through text or social media messaging, the preferred communications for most young people. A perceived lack of communication is the primary reason for patient dissatisfaction, not a doctor’s qualifications, expertise or the diagnosis given. A study of…

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Rhinogram Talks Teleorthodontics with Embrace Your Practice at AAO 2019

Watch Angie Menendez of Embrace Your Practice and Rhinogram CEO Dr. Keith Dressler live from the 2019 Annual Session of American Association of Orthodontics in Los Angeles. Dr. Dressler explains how Rhinogram was built with the vision of removing barriers between providers and patients. Embrace Your Practice is a consulting company focused on building efficiency…

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Rhinogram selected for CIOReview’s “50 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers – 2019”

“The healthcare industry has for long been skeptical about incorporating up and coming technologies primarily due to the safety and compliance issues. However, the scenario is changing with the advancements in the technologies that provide far greater advantages in comparison to limitations. By leveraging technologies such as telehealth, IoT, cloud computing, AI, AR, VR, and others,…

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5 Reasons Text-Based Remote Patient Monitoring Makes Sense

Patients want convenient, easy access to their healthcare providers, especially when it comes to communication. Physicians and other qualified healthcare professionals are looking for ways to implement more virtual care options. Even the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recognizes how the advances in communication technology has changed patient expectations. Physician practices, home health…

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Texting is the Missing Link for Effective Patient Monitoring

With healthcare consumerism on the rise, the time is ripe for medical providers to consider text-based communications to attract, manage and monitor patients, especially with new federal incentives for RPM reimbursement and other RPM enhancements expected to be approved later this year. Patients want convenient, easy access to their healthcare providers, especially when it comes…

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The Friday Five – How Texting Improves Healthcare Outcomes

Healthcare NOW Radio turns to the insights of Kathy Ford, President and Chief Product Officer at Rhinogram, for this week’s Friday Five. Based in Chattanooga, Tenn., Rhinogram is a provider of cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant telehealth communications – connecting patients, clinicians and office administrators through confidential, text-based interactions in real time. How Texting Improves Healthcare Outcomes  By Kathy Ford, President…

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CMS Announces Payments for Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced its 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and Quality Payment Program, with some changes created to boost the use of patient engagement and remote patient monitoring (RPM). CMS explains these amendments: “Under this proposal, Medicare will start paying for virtual check-ins, meaning patients can connect with…

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Using Texting to Influence Patient Behavior

Better Patient Outcomes–Just a Text Away! When I consider the patient benefits of teledentistry, one patient story always comes to mind. A young patient visited my office with her mother for an initial exam. After the exam, we determined that she had a large anterior open bite caused by thumbsucking. Our post-exam discussion with the…

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How Emotions Can Fix Healthcare

Every healthcare team has problems to solve. Managing schedules. Making faster and more accurate diagnoses. Navigating insurance quagmires. Streamlining communication. Maximizing efficiency while minimizing errors. Helping patients understand and participate in their own care. The list goes on, and it all points to one goal: improving patient outcomes. But one simple and neglected way to…

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