Keep your patients and your team safe.

Rhinogram’s  HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform will help flatten the curve of COVID-19, keeping patients, providers and their teams safe. Start texting with patients today. Custom templates and tools will make messaging even easier.  We can have your office live within hours. Sign-up today and we will waive your setup fee. *Limited time offer

The Rhinogram Leverage

"Medical offices have good protocols and are screening patients, but they are screening them as they arrive. The most common I have seen is that a staff member is 100% dedicated to sit outside the clinic door and ask key screening questions. The problem with that is the host of the virus is present for the screening. The screening has to happen PRIOR to them coming to the office."

Dr. James M. Thomas
health:latch  |  
Bellevue, WA

 "We've moved our waiting room to the parking lot. Using the Rhinogram platform, we are able to stay connected and keep them informed of when we're ready."

Dr. Austin Roberts
Family and Implant Dentistry  |  Ooltewah, TN

Join us for a Free Webinar

Friday March 27 @ 11:00 am EST
Dr. James Thomas shares how your practice can flatten the curve of COVID-19 using Rhinogram. Continue delivering high-quality care through virtual visits and remote check-ins. Plus, internal communication tools to keep your entire team connected and informed.

• Screen your appointment list for COVID-19 symptoms
• Keep sick and high-risk patients at home
• Coordinate across teams working remotely
• Reduce high phone call volumes, saving precious time

COVID-19 Safety + Readiness Tips

As a healthcare provider, there are several steps you can take today to keep your patients and team safe. 

Our text-to-pay solution allows you to collect on balances, eliminating the time and expense of mailing paper statements.

No Patient App Required
Instead of downloading an app or logging into a portal, patients simply contact you through standard text messaging.

Enterprise Grade Platform
Comprehensive audit logs and ONC certification. Built-in HIPAA protections to maintain compliance.

Photo + Document Sharing
Streamline intake and offer virtual consults through multimedia messaging.

EHR/PMS Integration
Access your patient data across multiple platforms.

From single provider to large health systems, Rhinogram can be configured to meet your workflow needs.

Providers using Rhinogram often see:

• 30% reduction in phone call volume
• 10-30% increase in new patient/business growth
• 14-16% decrease in overhead through routine virtual visits
• 20-30 fewer unnecessary appointments every month

Rhinogram Delivers Value

Give patients direct access to your practice in the same way they communicate with everyone else. See 10% to over 30% growth.

Enhance patient experience through convenient direct access. 79% of consumers are more likely to choose a physician who offers virtual care over one who does not.

Regain 1-2 hours daily with simultaneous care conversations. Create an environment for happier and more productive staff, with smart message routing and internal team chat to make your day even easier.