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How HIPAA-Compliance Can Drive Profits

You can profit from your own HIPAA-compliance. You just have to brag about it.

HIPAA is complicated, nuanced, and demanding. Achieving full compliance is an ongoing challenge, and failing to comply can cost you millions in fines. But it turns out complying with all those rules and regulations can actually set your practice apart. It can impress returning patients and attract new ones. It can even increase profits.

Here’s how.

Show Patients They (Should) Care

The vast majority of patients do not care about HIPAA. They might see it on the forms they sign (without reading), but as far as they know, it has no effect on their day-to-day lives.

But of course they’re wrong about that. In the last seven years alone, medical identity theft has hurt more than 170,000,000 Americans. To hackers, PHI is ten times more valuable than credit card information, and Medicare fraud is alarmingly easy. As all this illegal activity hits individuals, it also drives up the overall cost of healthcare.

In other words, patients really want all their healthcare providers to comply with HIPAA. Most of them just don’t know it yet.

Show Your Work

So how can you win patients with your HIPAA-compliance? If you’ve completed your risk assessment, educated your staff to patch up breach-points, encrypted your devices, and secured all PHI behind the required seven firewalls, don’t hide all that effort. Tell your patients about it. Just make sure to put some spin on it.

Spin the Truth (Truthfully)

HIPAA-compliance doesn’t mean much to patients, but identity theft does. Tell them about the measures you have in place to protect them from hackers and identity thieves. Let them know you handle their privacy and security just as carefully as you handle their care. Show them their information is safe with you.

If you do all that, and then let patients text your office instead of calling, you’ll find yourself far ahead of the competition.

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