Rhinogram selected for CIOReview’s “50 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers – 2019”

February 28, 2019

“The healthcare industry has for long been skeptical about incorporating up and coming technologies primarily due to the safety and compliance issues. However, the scenario is changing with the advancements in the technologies that provide far greater advantages in comparison to limitations. By leveraging technologies such as telehealth, IoT, cloud computing,…

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Rhinogram Telehealth Capabilities Now Integrated Into Cloud 9 Software Practice Management Solution

By Rhinogram | February 26, 2019

Integration allows for better patient engagement while streamlining practice workflow Rhinogram, a leader in cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, telehealth solutions, today announced the seamless integration of their telehealth solution with the Cloud 9 practice management software. Through the collaboration with Rhinogram, Cloud 9 now offers practices the ability to communicate with patients in real-time…

What Healthcare Can Learn from a Moving Company

Apr 7, 2017

Whether they’re moving or receiving healthcare, people want to feel heard.…

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What Healthcare Can Learn from Starbucks

Mar 29, 2017

Starbucks is known for amazing customer service. Healthcare, not so much.…

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Five Questions for a Certified HIPAA Professional

Mar 23, 2017

Elizabeth is a certified HIPAA professional at Rhinogram. Elizabeth Anderson…

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