Virtual Care Platform Built Right for Your Orthodontic Practice

Rhinogram’s virtual care platform allows providers to offer virtual visits through live video consults, text-based image and document exchange without the patient downloading an app or logging into a portal. Patients can simply text your practice phone line making it convenient to access live video sessions, manage appointments, send insurance and payment information, even if they don’t have access to high speed internet.

Offer Virtual Consults
Streamline intake and address routine patient inquiries through multimedia messaging.

No Patient App Required
Instead of downloading an app or logging into a portal, patients simply contact you through standard text messaging.

Message Translation
Communicate with patients in their native language, keeping both versions in your message thread.

Live Video Calls
Seamlessly facilitate virtual visits to connect remotely, even when patients lack access to high-speed internet.

Collect on balances, eliminating the time and expense of mailing paper statements.

Facebook Messenger Integration
Make your Facebook business page another way for patients to communicate.

Providers using Rhinogram often see:

• 30% reduction in phone call volume
• 10-30% increase in new patient/business growth
• 14-16% decrease in overhead costs through virtual consultations
• 20-30 fewer unnecessary appointments every month

Rhinogram delivers value.

Give patients direct access to your practice in the same way they communicate with everyone else. See 10% to over 30% growth.

79% of consumers are more likely to choose a physician who offers virtual care over one who does not.

Regain 1-2 hours daily with simultaneous care conversations. Eliminate phone tag and communicate with team members without leaving your desk.


Download two case studies from
Dr. George Souris and Dr. Keith Dressler

See what our customers are saying

For me, the clincher was that there’s no app involved. No one wants another one of those. Texting your doctor is just like texting your friends or family. It’s that simple.

George Souris | DDS, MSD
Braces by Souris

This would have been vastly different without Rhinogram. We would have had to use email and phone. I can’t even imagine what offices that don’t use laptops were doing. I cannot go a day without this thing working. It’s essential to our workflow right now.

Kyle Fagala |  DDS, MDS
Saddle Creek Orthodontics

Rhinogram has really been a godsend during this time to help communicate with patients.

Nicole Nalchajian |  DDS, MSD
Nalchajian Orthodontics

Since using Rhinogram, I have never had a patient miss an appointment, and I have never had a patient be late for an appointment.

James M. Thomas |  DDS, MS

Because of Rhinogram, Walton Orthodontics have been and continue to be prepared to treat patients virtually and communicate with care instructions. Rhinogram allows us to keep our patients and staff safe.

Matt Walton  |  DDS
Walton Orthodontics

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