Rhinogram and SelectBraces have partnered to offer consumers the convenience of requesting virtual orthodontic consultations directly from orthodontist profiles on SelectBraces.com. 

Respond to your SelectBraces leads directly from Rhinogram.

Prospects from your area can conveniently request a virtual consult and begin messaging you in real time. This innovative approach to patient communication also allows practices to compete with other online-based treatment modalities in the oral care industry. 

And that's not even the half of it.

Powered by Rhinogram’s HIPAA-compliant, telehealth platform, SelectBraces allows prospective patients and orthodontic practices to securely communicate via two-way texting, including the exchange of images and documents.

Two-Way Patient Messaging
Convenient digital conversations with new and existing patients, with no patient app required.

Photo + Document Sharing
Streamline patient intake with multimedia messaging.

Patient Communication Record
Every conversation is encrypted and permanently stored in the cloud–ready to reference any time.

Facebook Messenger Integration
Respond to patient Facebook messages from Rhinogram.

Analytics Dashboard
Get a complete view of patient and staff behaviors for better insights to grow your business.

Smart Message Routing
Deliver messages to the right person or group at the right time.

Custom Message Templates
Create a customized library of messages to ensure convenience and consistency.

HIPAA Risk Management
Stay compliant with built in protections around patient consent and record keeping.