Sweetgrass Pediatrics Partners with Rhinogram to Communicate the Way Parents Prefer

Rhinogram is helping one of South Carolina’s largest pediatrics practices communicate with parents, improve engagement and improve staff workflow

Thanks to Rhinogram, parents whose children are patients of Sweetgrass Pediatrics can now communicate with the practice in real-time via simple texts (SMS), giving the practice the ability to better engage with parents while streamlining workflows.

“Integration of the Rhinogram secure messaging platform has been a game-changer for our patients. They now have a quick and easy way to communicate with the practice where a response is received within minutes versus playing phone tag or waiting hours for a reply,” said Christopher Ollic, Director of Operations at Sweetgrass Pediatrics. “Before Rhinogram, nearly all transactions were phone based. Now, parents prefer to send a text before making a phone call. Offering text communications met a need, and our patients love it!”

Powered by Rhinogram’s HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution, Sweetgrass Pediatrics allows parents the ability to text the practice with appointment requests, clinical questions, refill requests and medical records.  Following the integration of Rhinogram, the level of engagement with parents has tripled with the practice averaging 18,000 text-based communications monthly, adding 479 new users in the first two months of 2019 alone. With one person managing several text communications at once, compared to one-on-one phone conversations, workflows for scheduling staff have improved. The complete history of SMS messages is archived in the patient’s communication record, allowing practitioners to quickly and conveniently reference past communication with their patients.

“Parents, typically on the go, want convenient and easy access to their child’s healthcare providers. Rhinogram allows parents to text their providers, on their own time, when it comes to their child’s appointments, clinical questions, medical records and billing. This alleviates the need for multiple phone calls and extensive wait times,” said Kathy Ford, President and Chief Product Officer of Rhinogram. “This collaboration with Sweetgrass Pediatrics met the practice’s need to better engage with patients through quick and efficient communication, the way parents prefer.”

For more details, download the full case study.


Sweetgrass Pediatrics is a full-service pediatric practice offering comprehensive care for children and young adults at its clinics in West Ashley, Moncks Corner, North Charleston, Carnes Crossroads, Summerville and Mt. Pleasant.