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How HIPAA-Compliance Can Drive Profits

You can profit from your own HIPAA-compliance. You just have to brag about it. HIPAA is complicated, nuanced, and demanding. Achieving full compliance is an ongoing challenge, and failing to comply can cost you millions in fines. But it turns out complying with all those rules and regulations can actually set your practice apart. It…

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What Healthcare Can Learn from Starbucks

Starbucks is known for amazing customer service. Healthcare, not so much. Let’s start with a big, scary number: 96% of patient complaints online focus on customer service, not quality of care. In other words, the problem with healthcare isn’t healthcare. It’s patient experience. So how can healthcare teams improve their customers’ experience? Let’s ask the pros.…

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Five Questions for a Certified HIPAA Professional

Elizabeth is a certified HIPAA professional at Rhinogram. Elizabeth Anderson spends her time at Rhinogram helping healthcare professionals achieve compliance. This week we asked her about the patterns she sees emerging across the healthcare industry. Are you a texter or a talker? Oh, I am most definitely a texter. I typically don’t have time to stop…

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