Rhinogram + Tops

The topsOrtho + Rhinogram integration syncs patient data between both platforms so you can focus on what really matters: enhancing every patient's experience.

Now you can access all the features of Rhinogram's premier teledentistry platform right through topsOrtho! Our HIPAA-compliant platform enables a better patient experience by making remote care possible, simplifying communication and minimizing interruptions with real-time, text-based patient engagement. And patients never have to download an app–because convenience matters.


Patient Communication Record

Every conversation is encrypted and permanently stored in the cloud–ready to reference any time.


Smart Message Routing

Deliver messages to the right team member at the right time.

Analytics Dashboard

Get a complete view of patient and staff behaviors for better insights to grow your business.


Two-Way Patient Messaging

Convenient digital conversations with new and existing patients, with no patient app required.


EHR / PMS Integration

Synchronize data across your EHR or PMS. See a list of potential integrations.


HIPAA Risk Management

Stay compliant with built in protections around patient consent and record keeping.


Photo + Document Sharing

Streamline patient intake with multimedia messaging.


Facebook Messenger Integration

Respond to patient Facebook messages from Rhinogram.


Custom Message Templates

Create a customized library of messages to ensure consistency.

Give your patients options to connect.

Utilize everyday communication channels to make convenient connections and build better relationships.


1. Your office line becomes textable through Rhinogram


2. A customizable web form for your website allows patients to send a message and receive a response immediately.


3. Patient messages sent via Facebook Messenger come directly into Rhinogram.

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What does Rhinogram do?
Rhinogram gives you direct access to patients, so you spend less time making phone calls, gathering insurance information and coordinating schedules. Rhinogram will provision your office's phone number so that your patients can easily reach you and vice versa via regular text messaging.

Can Rhinogram help me compete with DIY companies?
Rhinogram makes it easy to provide the same convenience as DIY vendors. Now, you can offer virtual consults anytime, anywhere through secure photo/document sharing. Coordinate treatment plan, check patient progress and send replacement aligners directly to your patient without having to see them for an office visit. Convert new prospects into patients through your website and social media.

How can I get new patient starts with Rhinogram?
By connecting your Facebook Business Page to Rhinogram and enabling patients to message you directly through Facebook Ads asking for images of their teeth, you can get new patient starts. If you purchase a Facebook ad for around $700 (prices vary) and get just one new patient start using this method, you’ve more than paid for that ad and your Rhinogram subscription for the year. Click here to download our webinar, "How to Grow Your Practice with Facebook" which outlines how you can use Rhinogram to provide virtual consults.

Is Group Chat available through Rhinogram?
Yes! Rhinogram makes it easy for your office to communicate via chat. Whether you need to speak with just one person or the whole team, Rhinogram has your office communication needs covered.

Does Rhinogram allow you to text message with the Responsible Party for a patient?
Yes, when you lookup a patient, all of their responsible parties will appear at the top of your screen. Choosing to text a RP is as easy as clicking on their name and starting your message.

Is Rhinogram available outside the U.S.?
While Rhinogram can be purchased by any organization in any country, our data storage practices may not meet the criteria in a foreign country. We’ve designed our systems to be compliant with U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), Public Law 104-191 and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, enacted as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. You should check with the governing body in your country for specific guidance on data storage and software vendors.