What Healthcare Can Learn from a Moving Company

Whether they’re moving or receiving healthcare, people want to feel heard.

Healthcare is an old profession. But picking up heavy things is even older. So what can one profession learn from the other?

Bellhops is an app that brings handpicked college students to do the heavy lifting on moving day. They handle more than 500 customer service interactions every day. They’re great at it, and that’s largely thanks to Amber Stacey.

In just a few months, Amber’s customer operations team garnered more than 1900 online reviews. That put Bellhops on the virtual map, and gave potential customers confidence to give the app a try.

What can healthcare learn from this company? We asked Amber four questions to find that out.

Q: What was the main challenge in making your customers happy?

A: As our team got bigger and we had more and more customers, it became hard to really feel each customer’s experience. We had to work hard to stay grounded and constantly improve the little things.

Q: What principles did you develop to overcome that challenge?

A: One-on-one mentorship was extremely important to me and my team. I wanted each team member to be treated just as conscientiously as our customers are treated. When you treat people well they do great work. And if you don’t take the time to know your team members personally, help them grow, and keep them challenged, their unhappiness will show in their work.

Amber Stacey, Customer Operations Manager

Q: How did you get so many happy customers to post positive reviews?

A: I thought about what would make me leave an online review. I realized I tend to talk most about a product right after I’ve had a great experience with it. So we made sure to ask for reviews from customers immediately after their move, while they were still feeling that gratitude for how helpful their bellhops were.

Q: No matter the industry, what makes a great customer experience?

A: Empathy, empathy, empathy. Every single person I hire has to have a very real interest in helping people by problem solving. And that takes a keen ability to listen to others. I really love this quote from the philosopher Epictetus:

“We were born with two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”

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