Empowering Patient Communication

Rhinogram makes communicating with patients simple, efficient and secure.

Rhinogram is the leading HIPAA-compliant communication solution that helps providers and care teams simplify communication, improve patient response times, streamline workflows, and minimize office interruptions.


Patients want to text. You want faster responses.

4 out of 5 patients prefer texting their provider over speaking on the phone.

Rhinogram leverages this preference, promoting clinically useful conversations between provider and patient without an app. 90% of texts are read in the first 90 seconds, drastically reducing voicemails and follow up calls.

Spend less time playing phone tag. Have real care conversations.

96% of online patient complaints focus on customer service rather than care.

Rhinogram gives you direct access to patients, so you spend less time making phone calls, gathering insurance information and coordinating schedules. A streamlined workflow is appreciated on both sides of the desk.


Elevate patient experience. Boost your bottom line.

The amount of money spent in a lifetime on healthcare is over $1 million per person.

Keep the patients you have and get new ones. Stand out from your competition by delighting your patients with better conversations. Offer the communication options they prefer, and they will reward you with their loyalty.

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